Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School:
NJ Department of Labor Training Grants

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Helping to Create Happy Endings for NJ's Unemployed

Sergio Sosa was transitioning from full-time student to full-time assistant-in-training at a golf course when he was laid off from his job in late 2012.

By March 2013, after completing the Professional Golf Turf Management School: Three-Week Preparatory Course, Sosa was gainfully employed as Assistant Superintendent at two popular Bronx, NY golf courses.

Learn how a grant from the NJ Department of Labor and training at Rutgers helped him get there.

Located throughout New Jersey, One-Stop Career Centers offer services (free of charge) to help unemployed NJ residents develop the skills needed to succeed in a 21st century work environment.

Services include:

  • Resume development
  • Job matching
  • Career counseling
  • Access to public computers/office equipment
  • Tuition grants

The Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School is thrilled to announced that our Three-Week Preparatory Course is approved for these training grants.

If you are interested, contact Laura Boyd. She will send you the "letter of acceptance" with a course description to help you start the process.

Next, find your local One Stop Career Center and ask a counselor about retraining funds. Give them a copy of our acceptance letter and explain that you're interested in the certificate program as a way to upgrade your skills for your current field or a new career path.

All One Stop Career Centers have their own procedures for allocating retraining funds. If there's anything else you need to provide to them, we are happy to help.

If you're denied funding, you have the right to request an appeal. Persistence pays off.

Please contact Laura Boyd