Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School

30th Annual Turfgrass Student Awards Dinner
November 20, 2019

Photos from the Turfgrass Student Awards Dinner


Award Winners & Scholarship Recipients

  • Professional Golf Turf Management School Award for Professional Excellence
    Tim Bryant, Class of 2002, Superintendent, Boone Golf Club

    This honor is awarded annually to alumni of our program who have excelled in their fields. Recipients of this award have consistently displayed leadership, fellowship, high ideals, and a desire to improve the profession.

  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of New Jersey Scholarships
    Kyle Genova, Brandon McNally, Liam Ryan

    These awards are supported by the GCSA-NJ to help further the education of students desiring a career in the golf course industry.

  • Henry Indyk Graduate Fellowship
    Brandon McNally

    Awarded in recognition of Dr. Indyk's work as head of the Rutgers Turfgrass Management School for more than 30 years, this scholarship is given to a graduate student pursuing an advanced degree in applied turfgrass science and management.

  • Joseph Bianco Turfgrass Alumni Association Scholarship
    Elcor Castillo

    Mr. Bianco was a graduate of the inaugural class of the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School in 1961. He was a life-long, generous friend of the program and asset to the industry as the owner of Green Thumb Services.

  • New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association Scholarship
    NJLCA Jack Caldwell Scholarship: Liam Ryan
    NJLCA Anthony DeFeo Scholarship: Ryan Daddio
    NJLCA James Stewart Scholarship: Katie Diehl
    NJLCA Special Recognition Award: Hui (Eric) Chen

    These scholarships are supported by members of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association as a way to encourage and support the study of turfgrass science at the undergraduate level.

  • New Jersey Turfgrass Foundation Scholarship
    Hall of Fame: Yuanshuo (Henry) Qu
    Challenge: Liam Ryan
    Lou Vasvary: Yahel Ben-Zvi
    NJTF: William Errickson
    Wiley Miner: Ryan Daddio

    The NJTF supports student scholarships, research, and facilities upgrades at Cook College to the benefit of the turfgrass community of New Jersey.

  • Paul DesChamps Memorial Scholarship
    James Doyle, Kyle Rosencranz

    Paul DesChamps was an active member of the New Jersey Turfgrass Association and former recipient of the New Jersey Turfgrass Association Hall of Fame Award. This scholarship is given to a student whose career goal is to become a golf course superintendent.

  • Peter S. Loft Memorial Scholarship
    Cathryn Chapman, Hui (Eric) Chen, Sean Deluca, William Errickson, Glen Groben, Michael Mageles, Travis Peabody, Stephanie Rossi, Thomas Senn, Pingyuan (Bey) Zhang

    These scholarships are awarded in memory of Peter Loft, of Loft Seed, Inc. Peter was an active member of the New Jersey Turfgrass Association and former recipient of the New Jersey Turfgrass Association Hall of Fame Award. Established after Peter's death in 1983, these awards support certificate students, undergraduates and graduate students.

  • Ralph Engel Scholarship
    Jordan Hoeft, Collin Power, Kevin Schultz, Joe Woodcock

    Dr. Engel was a faculty member for more than thirty years. Although his interests were turfgrass research, his passion was the education of students to prepare them for careers in turfgrass management. Dr. Engel's mark on this industry is felt to this day through his former pupils, many of whom are now leaders in their field, and each time as we celebrate the graduation of students from the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School, a program he founded back in 1962. This award honors his memory.

  • Ralph Geiger Scholarships
    Jacob Breyer, Tyler Chaloupka, Yijia Chen, Leonardo Colin, Isaac Cummings, Shane Cuyugan, Katie Diehl, Ray DiMaggio, Kyle Genova, Thomas McDaniel, Brandon McNally, Xinyi Mei, James Newman, Liam Ryan, Yilei Shen, Kelly Shields, Raquel Strickland
    Daniel (Shidi) Wu, Zhongqi Xu, Hui Xuan, Yajie Yang, Xinyi Zhang, Pingyuan (Bay) Zhang

    Mr. Geiger was an avid golfer and businessman with a desire to help students who wanted to be superintendents. He took a liking to our programs at Rutgers and contributed significant amounts of money to turf scholarships. He died in 2005 and Rutgers endowed the chair and named our education center after him. He was a turf researcher committed to getting his hands dirty and helping superintendents solve everyday problems.

  • Sports Field Managers Association of New Jersey
    Hui (Eric) Chen, Ryan Daddio, Michael Mageles

    The SFMANJ is an organization committed to enhancing the professionalism of athletic field managers. Their primary goals include the improved safety, playability, and appearance of athletic fields at all levels.

  • Scott Wiiki Memorial Scholarship
    Alexander Hague

    Scott Wiiki, 2010 Alumnus, passed away unexpectedly in January, 2017 at the age of 28 due to a brain aneurysm that stemmed from an undiscovered genetic heart defect. He was a successful golf course Superintendent at Ridgemont Country Club in Rochester, NY and rising star in our industry. His family and friends graciously raised these funds in his honor.

  • Zachary Breck Memorial Scholarship
    Joe Prandato

    This scholarship is awarded in memory of 26 year old Zachary Breck, who passed away in December 2016. Zachary loved the outdoors and working on the grounds crew of a Pennsylvania golf club near his home. We honor and remember Zachary who graduated the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School in 2013.