Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School:
Three-Week Preparatory Course

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Joe Fraker
"I'm a bachelor degree graduate of a top 100 business school and think the amount of valuable information I pulled away from these three weeks is comparable if not more valuable to my career."

Michael Colorusso, January 2018
Nashawtuck Country Club, Concord, Massachusetts


3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Joe Fraker
"I came to Rutgers without any experience, knowing nothing about golf turf management. After completing the 3-Week Turf Course, I landed my first job on a golf course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone!"

Ben Kelson, January 2014
Taconic Golf Course - Massachusetts


3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Joe Fraker "Being a recent high school graduate and a newcomer to the turfgrass industry, I was unsure what to expect coming to the 3 week program. I thought the course would be helpful, but I never imagined I would learn so much.

The teachers and staff are eager to teach as much as possible in just 3 weeks. I definitely feel as if I have a solid foundation on which I can start and grow my turf management career."

Dominic Stout, January 2014
New Hampshire

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Joe Fraker "Traveling to Rutgers Turf School from Wyoming was definitely worth the trip. All the instructors are so knowledgeable that they can answer questions about all climate types. The opportunity for networking is incredible. Where else could a low budget superintendent from Wyoming attend a class with people from the likes of Pine Valley, Pakistan and India?"

James Cassell, January 2014
Lander Golf Club – Wyoming

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Joe Fraker "The instructors do not teach out of a textbook. I can read information myself, but they made me understand it so that I can actually use it when I go back to work. The hands-on soil tests, reel grinding demos and plant ID walks were very important because once I put my hands down in it, that's how I can learn and know and understand."

Joe Fraker, January 2013
Ocean Edge Golf Course - Massachusetts

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Nick Shimsky

"After the first day, I thought that I got my money's worth if the class ended right now. I would recommend this class to anyone."

Nick Shimsky, January 2013
NJS Landscaping - New Jersey

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Todd Apgar

"I didn't expect to learn about the management aspect of it. I am amazed at the diversity of what the Rutgers three week course had to offer."

Todd Apgar, January 2013
Metro Turf Specialists - Connecticut

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Frank Morgan After taking another turf management training program at a different university, Frank said, "Rutgers is more management and on-the-job-experience friendly hands-down. After just three weeks at Rutgers, I left feeling more prepared than after the other 10 week program."

Commenting on the classroom verses the online training experience, Frank said, "I learned a ton from the guys I met. If I had questions, I found myself talking them over with other guys and you just can't do that with an online course."

Frank Morgan, January 2013
(Frank is now working at a top 100 classic golf course as an assistant in training.)

More Testimonials from Three-Week Preparatory Course Graduates

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Ken Riccardi

"I knew almost nothing about turf management when I started the program and left knowing much more. In addition, I was able to secure two interviews and one job offer to date, so all in all the Rutgers 3-week program was very beneficial for me."

Ken Riccardi, January 2012

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Matthew Sullivan

"The 3-week class at Rutgers was a great experience. I learned a ton. After taking this course, I believe many of the supers in my area now take me more seriously. It proved that I have a strong interest in turf and already my boss is fearing me leaving.

"The social aspect was what I enjoyed most, meeting people from different parts of the world and the Rutgers staff. Everyone I had a chance to speak with was open and welcoming."

[In order to take full advantage of the social aspect of the program, Matt encourages students to find roommates and share housing accommodations.]

Matt Sullivan, January 2012

"The amount of information covered was above my expectations and I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that could be applied the instant I walked back on the job. I learned what diseases look like, how they infect turf and the measures to eradicate them. I learned how to diagnose mowing patterns to discern equipment problems, properly set mow heights and keep equipment in top shape.

"By rewriting my resume, the program has already helped my career in helping me get a raise! Plus, the staff and faculty were very friendly, knowledgeable and engaging."

Michael Hyde, January 2012


3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Eric Nicholas

"I didn't really know what to expect when I showed up the first day, but every day my knowledge of turfgrass management multiplied.  

"When working at the course this year, I will be able to help my super better his course by helping identify problems and giving a different point of view.  Without the 3-week course, I would not be able to help keep my course in its top condition.  

"I would definitely recommend the 3-week to not only a friend, but to anyone with an interest in turfgrass management!!"

Eric Nicholas, January 2012

3-Week Golf Turf Management Student - Jason Murphy

"I missed my wife and kids tremendously while I was here, even though I got to SKYPE with them every night. In truth, I missed my home life in general, but it was well worth the trip.

"Having already held a turf management certificate from the University of Georgia and worked in golf course maintenance for almost 10 years, I probably had a deeper background in the "turf science" part of the program than some of the other guys in the class. However, I don't recall ANY segment where I didn't learn at least something new!!!!"

Jason Murphy, January 2012