Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School:
Working Outside Every Day - Jobs That Pay Well

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There are many career options for students who come through our program and want to work outdoors in fields related to sports, the environment, agriculture and entertainment.

"I'm an outdoor person. I couldn't be trapped indoors," says Jennifer Torres, a woman who grew up on a farm and found her calling on the golf course. Read her story here.

Working on a golf course is just one great option. It combines sports, the great outdoors and environmental issues all in one amazing and well paying career. Golf course managers frequently cite a love of golf or the opportunity to be outside as reasons to get into the field.

But students who graduate from the Rutgers Turf School don't just work on top golf courses around the US and the world. Our alumni also work outdoors for many unusual employers, doing lots of amazing work, including:

  • Managing the infield grounds for NASCAR
  • Greenskeeping and grounds maintenance for sports stadiums -- from Yankee Stadium to Florida's minor league ballparks.
  • Directing grounds maintenance for large corporate facilities, like Pfizer Global.
  • Maintaining grounds for outdoor ampitheaters.
  • Managing sports field and grounds at private schools, universities and colleges -- from Mahogany Community College in Ohio to Temple University in Philadelphia.
  • Directing facilities and grounds maintenance for hospitals and cemeteries.
  • Managing nurseries, flower growing facilities and turf farms.
  • Owning and managing landscaping design firms.
  • Managing town, city, county and state parks -- from New York's Central Park to Cheyenne, Wyoming's city parks to Boone County, Kentucky's parks.
  • Consulting and designing courses for golf course construction firms.
  • Doing sales for golf course equipment companies -- from Goldsmith to John Deere.
  • Maintaining grounds and landscapes for state agencies -- from the NY Department of Environmental Protection to the PA Turnpike Commission.

The reality is that any agency, corporation or government entity that owns or operates large parcels of land, whether used for sports, entertainment or just aesthetics, needs professionals to be outside, managing the maintenance of those grounds. When it comes to the largest employers, there is no denying the irony that the Grounds Manager reaps the rewards of working for a stable, large corporate boss but isn't tied to a desk and has the freedom to be out and about, the sun shining down on her face all day.

Whether you want to work outside in a far-off, exotic location (Germany, Russia, Dubai or France, perhaps), a tropical locale (the Caribbean, Hawaii) or stay a little closer to home, you will find Rutgers Turf School alumni working in the great outdoors of 49 U.S. states and practically every corner of the globe.

Are you ready to get the skills you need to score a high paying outdoor job?

If time is short and money is tight, check out our 3-week class, which is held every January.

If you are ready to invest serious time in your education with a more in-depth training program and professional experience through an internship, click here to learn about our 2-year certificate program.