Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School:
Preparing for a Golf Course Superintendent Career

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Golf courses are complex business operations. The golf course superintendent is responsible for managing the playing fields of golf and is entrusted with the management of the maintenance operations.


The job requires much more than just technical ability. Formal education in plant sciences, landscaping, business management, personnel administration and public relations is essential.

Getting Started in the Golf Industry

To explore a potential career in golf course management, it's a good idea to work at a golf course, ideally on the superintendent's maintenance staff. If you inform the superintendent that you are interested in a golf course management career he or she will likely be glad to tell you how to get started and answer any questions you may have about the profession and the required educational background.

An Outdoors Job

Golf course management is a job with a lot of variety. A golf course superintendent enjoys an attractive employment setting with frequent opportunities to be outdoors on the golf course. Students in the Rutgers program frequently cite a love of a golf or a love of working outside (or both) as the reason they got into this field.

Getting Ahead in the Industry

The profession is highly competitive. It's advantageous to have a strong educational background and some practical work experience. It is important to intern on a golf course. Even after attaining a degree or certificate, continuing education is critical for a superintendent to keep current on the advancements in maintenance practices, new turfgrasses and equipment.

Get the Education & Internship Experience You Need

The Rutgers Turf Management School gives you a respected credential that opens doors and helps you advance your career.

Portions adapted and reprinted by permission from the GCSAA.