Turf Management Degree or Certificate?

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If you are deciding between a Golf Course Turf Management Degree or a Golf Turf Management certificate, there are many factors to consider. Time, money and career goals are some primary considerations. Below are some details about Rutgers turfgrass management degree, certificate and course options to help you decide which training program will best fit your needs and career goals.

Rutgers 4-Year Degree in Plant Science, Turfgrass OptionLearn More about Rutgers 4-Year Turf Degree

Rutgers University
4-Year Undergraduate DEGREE in Turfgrass Science

Rutgers University and the Rutgers Center for Turfgrass Science (CTS) offer a four-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Biology with an option in Turfgrass Management. Rutgers Undergraduate Degree in Turfgrass Science prepares students for exciting jobs in the green indsutry or to continue their education towards an advanced degree, such as a Masters of Science or Ph.D.

With over 25 faculty members working in turfgrass science, Rutgers team spans many disciplines such as: turfgrass breeding, management, physiology, pathology, entomology, weed science, soil science and molecular biology.

At Rutgers, we also provide students with an opportunity to conduct turfgrass research. The Turfgrass Center offers a unique opportunity for undergraduates to participate in laboratory and field research.

Numerous student scholarships, grants and awards are available to students majoring in Turfgrass Management. In fact, more than $90,000 in financial aid is awarded annually to turfgrass students at Rutgers University by the New Jersey turfgrass industry.

Read more about Rutgers Undergraduate Turf Degree here.

Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School 2-Year Certificate Program
Learn More about Rutgers 2-Year Turf Certificate Program

Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School
2-Year Turf CERTIFICATE Program

A unit within the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education, the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School offers a Two-Year Certificate Program. This program is best suited for greenskeepers who have at least two seasons of work experience and are looking to further their turf management careers with some formal education. Designed to fit conveniently around your work schedule, our program consists of two 10-week classroom sessions and real-world experience via paid internships so that you don't have to put your career on hold.

Our team of instructors includes both distinguished faculty from Rutgers Center for Turfgrass Science and acclaimed industry professionals. Concepts learned in the classroom will be demonstrated with hands-on training in our on-site workshop and greenhouse. Included in Rutgers 2-Year curriculum you will have the chance to participate in soil tests, reel grinding demonstrations, plant identification walks, sprayer calibration, spreader training, irrigation pipe fitting, disease identification using microscopes and more.

Students who successfully complete the full program will receive a Certificate in Professional Golf Turf Management. This program is not matriculated. It is not worth college credits. A 2-Year Certificate in turf management holds a lot of weight in the greens industry. In fact, according to the 2015 Compensation and Benefits report by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), the average base salary for 2-year certificate holders is close to the average base salary for those who have earned 4-year degrees.

Our esteemed alumni lead the industry and work at top golf courses all around the world. Over 4,700 golf turf professionals, from all 50 states and 18 countries, have graduated from our two-year certificate program since 1962. More than 730 of these alumni are currently working as golf course superintendents or leaders in related turfgrass careers. Plus, an additional 600+ Rutgers turf alumni are assistant superintendents worldwide. Hear what Rutgers alumni are saying about our 2-Year Certificate Program.

Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management 3-Week Preparatory Short Course
Learn More about Rutgers 3-Week Turf Course

Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School
3-Week Preparatory Turfgrass COURSE

A unit within the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education, the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School offers a Three-Week Preparatory Course covering the essentials of turfgrass management. Every January, students attend class Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm for three straight weeks. The 3-week curriculum includes; the basics of soils, turf establishment/maintenance/renovation, diseases, insects, weeds, irrigation, equipment selection/maintenance, landscape design/construction and more.

Who Should Attend:

  • Experienced greenskeepers who need formal education to advance their careers
  • Those new to the industry seeking to learn the basics and jump-start an exciting new career in turfgrass management
  • Golf course owners and general managers whose goals are better communication and coordination with their teams
  • Industry sales representatives working to better understand the wants, needs, and terminology of their clients

You can minimize your time away from work and home with the intensive curriculum of this condensed three-week program while learning from the Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School's team of instructors. There is no application process or prerequisites.

Our 3-week graduates are working at golf courses and in other turfgrass management roles throughout the US and the world. Hear what Rutgers past students are saying about our 3-Week Course.


Whether you decide to pursue a turfgrass management degree, certificate or course, attending Rutgers will prepare you for employment as a Golf Course Superintendent, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent, Foreman, Irrigation Technician, Mechanic, Spray Technician, Sports Field Manager, Turf Consultant, or Sales Representatives at seed, irrigation and equipment company.

Plus, attending Rutgers will connect you with a prestigious RU network. Throughout your career, whether you are searching for a job for yourself, looking to hire someone for your greens team, or have technical questions, the Rutgers alumni network will serve you as an invaluable resource.

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